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It's not animation or art - but

It's humorous and what EVERYONE HAS MISINTERPRETED -- is that it's because of the animation. You can admit yourself, there wasn't that much animation to it. Maybe a total of 25 scenes actually drawn.

I just wish people could recognize IT WAS THE EDITING. Edits can make anything good, boring, funny, romantic, horrific, etc. I'm just glad they used it right in this flash. Just a note to you who thinks the art or animation was awesome in the movie. The creator could admit it was good, but nothing spectacular. It's just the edits that made it fun. And I'm glad it is, it's refreshing.

Great could-be-but-not ingame cinematics!

I really mean this -- games need ingame cinematics & story just like yours you have here. I've watched 3 and plan to watch up to the latest episode, but you need to know that an actual game company would probably consider your artistic and storylines you have here. And since you actually do Nintendo and Sega's popular characters and intertwine them to make it work well - almost like they were meant to confront each other - it only seems like the next step would be to do this for real in their games.

The best I can base this off of would be the orignial Super Mario RPG for the SNES with all characters coming together and fighting this new force unleashed in their world. If there were a sequel to that original game, I think this story could very well be just that.

It's great work so far and I love the animations you have created AND the ones you have borrowed from other games (Mega Man X's dirt scutter). I also enjoy the music you borrowed such as Metroid Fusion in the second episode and then Blast Corps from N64. Great use of music!

Reason its a 6...

Just like any short film out there, of course its going to try and make some ground of what you, the artist, believes it is. Pretend you're watching this for the first time though, what are you going to expect?

Well thing is, I don't expect a whole lot from "short films." (noir style, that's what this is) I'm still waiting for that one to prove me wrong.

What this means is, you're going to artsy to the point where anything could mean anything. And chances are, if you want US to see something good (since you are hopeful that we all will like it) then at least check it out for yourself and make it interesting - creative, but not to the point where boxes fall out of the sky dude... c'mon, you're just trying too hard there to make sense of what's going on.

Your technical side is strong though, art direction is good as well. But as for the editing pace and idea -- understand those 2 before all else. Art is something ever changing, but when your perspective isn't spoken clearly, we won't understand. That's not good.

Siard responds:

Thanks man!:)

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I know why there's a problem, but fixable

I really like it. And it works very well when you are performing more "instrumental" notes instead of "beats." What I mean is, when you RELEASE the key, it works fine. I get that, but in terms of lining that up with beats?

No. That's not exactly "rythmatic." Rythm is about timing of hitting the note, and releasing is a totally different thing. It throws you off and you can't ever hit the notes exactly on beat because of that. Meaning -- in order to play this correct, you have to be early with every note.

That's a bad thing. But I imagine, easily fixable. Just change the event to when you press the key DOWN and all is done. The scoop thing I don't understand if it makes ANY difference, because it just proves "hey, I can hold down this key for 5 seconds before a note comes up, but not if accompanied by 8 other ones in a row - I'm dead when that happens." I can't deny it's bad, so I do still like it. Just... bad tendency to have to hit a note earlier than needed.

I'm a drummer, any musician knows coming in early or late sucks... or blows, whatever your gender is.

Sad thing is...

This is probably the best "Rock Out" game I've seen, though it's pretty hard as balls if you don't get used to the controls ASAP. Seems pretty fun though, I have to say I'm impressed! That's saying alot since I hate all the other submissions! I mean, really...hate them with a passion.

F***ing retard

Show some respect, I mean holy crap. You upload this on 9-11 and expect it to not have a low score? Anyway, game is stupid and takes forever to begin with.

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Hey really nice job...

It reminded me of music from the show called "Trigun" which is an anime far ahead of its time. Anyhow, yeah... it works really well. Only problem is that the loop seems to be incomplete and kind of loses its touch after the first 30 seconds. But it's really well done though!

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanx!I dont really get what you mean by it seeming incomplete though,but ill try to improve it in a way or another,thanx for the review too!


This isn't jazz dude... I'm not quite sure if you even know much about the history of jazz, but this... really isn't it. I agree with the last reviewer, this is too electronic to be jazz and there aren't any jazz notes either. I bet you don't know what jazz notes are ;) Take music theory and find out.


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