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Why does everything revolve around potatoes?

2007-07-20 12:29:16 by Ryanitto

Potatoes. It's not like we actually eat 'em, they're just there. Stupid. Stupid potatoes. Forks, why do we really need forks anyhow? They just pluck potato juice from potato pockets and shove potato in our potato mouths. Mouths. Stupid. Who needs mouths anyway. Stupid. How come 4 + 5 = 28,401.2? My ankles hurt like bee stings.

I watched some dude go to the bathroom. He was standing, took his shorts off, took his underwear down, infront of everyone. I took a picture. He's now a pornstar.


Giraffes are like cement, they balance out gravity by shoving all their cubic inches into small cracks of ice cream....fdfvxijvoij89q3jj

GIVE ME PENZOIL OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!1111!~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!
)!!*!#*!#&!&*&*!(&*(!!£Ã%u25D936!!$!$!#!#!@#@!@!@!@!òA4Ü%u26 65~4568%u25D956845%u03A694£%u263C=ï¥%u2518%u0153%u0153g£Ã%u2 5D936

Why does everything revolve around potatoes?


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2008-06-11 20:17:16

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2011-02-04 22:42:19

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